The rules are pretty simple; guess the correct word letter by letter and bag the most points in each round, as you and your team compete to complete the hidden word and be crowned as the Wordhunter Champ! 🏆
  1. The lobby leader will create a room by selecting a Genre, Number of Teams & Number of Rounds and will share the room link for others to join.
  2. A player can simply join the game using the link shared by the lobby leader, and on joining he/she will be randomly alloted to a particular team.
  3. Once the game starts, a new word with missing letters will pop up in each round. The players simply have to guess those letters.
  4. In every round, each of the contesting teams will get chances, alternately, to guess a single letter of the word at a time until the whole word is completely guessed. For every correct guess the team gets 1 point.
  5. If the guessed letter has multiple occurences within the word then that team will be awarded points equal to the occurence of that letter.
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